Our Projects

We've done a lot of wonderful things in our 12 years of business. We've met a lot of great people too! Join us below as we step you through a few flagship projects and platforms we have designed, developed and implemented in the past 18 months!

» Our Projects

Classified Verticals, Inc.

When Classified Verticals needed a platform to run their deal spotlight website and its affiliated sites from they turned to interactiveThink. We built a robust application consisting of E-Commerce functionality for end users as well as a fully featured administration interface from which they manage the daily deals, orders and more.

After a year and a half of transactions, interactiveTHINK has processed over 1.5 million dollars in transactions without issue and continues to go strong today. We're hard at work on a new employment platform and are expected to be completed with that in 1st quarter 2012.

Healthyclick, a enterprise class wellness portal for employees.

Wellness and Prevention: This custom mobile, web-based health portal engages, educates, tracks, and rewards wellness choices over time. Employers can manage and reward employees who actively manage their own personal health and wellbeing. Motivating employees to become better healthcare decision-makers effectively reduces benefit dollars spent while improving workplace morale. Here are just a few key features built into this innovative platform:

  • Fitness Challenges: & social infrastructure that engages and motivates buddies/teams to increase activity level & enhance wellness through embedded fitness tips and educational materials.
  • Nutrition Modules: & individual assessments that increase dietary pattern recognition & selection of healthy alternatives that are enhanced through guided nutritional tracking.
  • Life/Stress Insight Classes: explore impact of stress, finances, time, etc. & strengthen problem solving and creativity through practical on-line application exercises.
  • Points & Rewards: embedded into each module that are earned & applied to incentives established by the organization

  • Each Fitness Challenge includes the following:
    • Personal & Team Dashboards providing real-time progress reports.
    • Fitness/Nutritional Tips & Educational Materials embedded to increase understanding.
    • Social infrastructure facilitating engagement & motivation for buddy and team events.
    • Resources & Links to related resources that expand Information for motivated individuals.


Boasting a robust platform designed to allow parents and children work together to create shared chore goals, incentives, allowance and more, HealthyReportCard is used by thousands of families to help manage their busy lifestyles.

interactiveTHINK created this platform to continue to expand their portfolio of health and wellness products to not only employees of various corporations but millions of families across the globe.

This platform is currently being written into a collaborative grant between a hospital and school system to create a seamless platform for students and their families focused on shared accountability and wellness.

NurseMetrix, Inc. Predictive Nursing Analytics

Grant awarded from the Philippines Government. NurseMetriX completed a national study, with 12 Schools of Nursing and 1500 students/faculty members, to determine competency standards offered through these academic institutions.

Outcomes provided an overview of educational practices in the Philippines, identifying areas of commonality and differences to guide further development of the profession.

interactiveThink provided the testing platform, consisting of thousands of data points as well as the data analysis in order to complete this study.

myIdeal.me: A shared platform for Ideal Protein Franchises to manage work process as well as clients.

This revolutionary, customized website allows business franchises to manage clients and business initiatives effectively and efficiently!

Inventory tracking, online ordering, monthly reporting are just a few of the numerous management tools customized to assist in meeting and exceeding client needs.

Online scheduling, goal setting, education information distribution and more can be managed from a central location.